A new Stockdog OnLine Training Course featuring trainer, Shane Harley, is now available. It will cover all steps in training from starting the young pup to finishing touches needed for competition dogs and everything in between. Click RIGHT HERE to sign up for the course. Click here to see an introduction to the course contents. Click here to buy dvds.

Congratulations to Mollie Belding for winning the Rancher Class at the 2013 Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo. This win qualifies her for the USBCHA Cattle Dog Finals!

Shane Harley is a professional cowdog and sheepdog trainer. He has been very successful in both the cow dog and sheep dog show world including wins as Reserve National Cattle Dog Champion at the first ever USBCHA National Cattle Dog Finals, The Klamath Falls Bull Sale, The Klamath Rodear, Madras, Reno Rodeo, Langtry and Winnemucca. Shane has been competing at the open level in both sheep and cow dog trials since 1997. In addition to the dogs, he is a successful farrier.

A Nebraska native, Shane has been living in the Klamath Basin of Oregon since 2000. Now living near Bonanza, Oregon, he and Mollie raise yearling feeder calves and a flock of 60 sheep. Each year they attend more than a dozen sheepdog and cattle dog trials throughout the West to test their dog handling skills against the best handlers in the U.S. and Canada always winning a few championships each year.

To do their part to help the sport of dog handling grow both at the trials and at home on the ranches, Shane with Mollie's help will now be offering clinics, private lessons and a limited amount of dog training if kennel space is available.

Each dog and handler are individuals and don't all progress at the same speed or to the same level. We adjust our program accordingly for each individual's needs.


The clinics will be from starting puppies to fine-tuning the skills of finished dogs. We will also offer handlers clinics so that the handlers can learn how to read livestock, get the most out of the dog they have, and manage the trial course. These are for individuals or stockdog clubs. For information about scheduling a clinic in your area, call 541-892-5055, contact Shane on Facebook at Shane Harley, or email:


For those who want one-on-one attention, We will be offering private lessons, $30 a half hour, which is usually the limit for a dog's ability to learn new skills.


For handlers that would like to give their dogs experience with different livestock and a different setting, the ranch stock is available for $20 per dog per hour. Rodear work and herd sorting is extra, call for details.


For trialists or ranchers who want their puppy to get a good start or for owners of older dogs that need finishing, we will offer dog training at our ranch. We have all stages of livestock from puppy sheep to fresh sheep and cattle in bigger bunches for the older dogs. $600 a month with a minimum of two months.


At any given time Shane and Mollie usually have a dog or two for sale at different levels in their training and occasionally a litter of puppies from their select breeding program of proven champions.

For information about scheduling a clinic, private lessons, paid practice or dog training in your area, call 541-892-5055, contact Shane on Facebook at Shane Harley, or email:



Shane Harley's Championships

2012 Winner of the Sunday Open, Resistol Tuf Cowdog Trial, Madras
Long Go-Around winner and 4th in the Open Finals, Winnemucca Ranchhand Rodeo
2012 Reserve Champion Nursery, Hoof & Paw Farm Stock Dog Trial
2012 2nd and 3rd with nursery dogs, April Fool's Stockdog Trail, Colton
Reno Rodeo Cowdog Open Champion, both rounds-Sir Berto
2011 Fire Ridge Double Lift Champion, sheep
2011 Tuf Stockdog Trial, Nursery Champion both days
2011 Resistol Tuf Cowdog Trial, Open Champion
2011 Winnemucca Reserve Champion
2010 Rodear Open Reserve Champion - Sir Berto
2009 Modoc Fair Novice Champion, sheep-Meg
2009 Modoc Fair Second Rancher
2006 Rodear Open World Champion-Willie
2006 Rodear Non Pro Reserve Champion-Jackie
2006 Modoc Fair Novice Champion-Macie
2006 Cowdog of the Year-Willie
2006 Lang Try farms Non Pro Reserve Champion-Willie
2006 Rodear Non Pro High $ Winner-Jackie
2003 Klamath Cowdog Challenge Open Champion-Willie
2003 Box R High Combined Oregon Dog-Willie
2003 Box R Oregon Championships 1st Open Arena-Jackie
2003 Box R Oregon Championships 1st Open Field-Willie
2001 USBCHA Open Reserve National Champion– Willie
2000 Fort Klamath Cowboys Open Champion-Willie
1996 Black Butte Sheep Trial Novice Champion-Pete